Tuesday, 30 October 2012


Welcome to the land  of smiles, a country with dazzling scenic mountains, waterfalls, golden beaches , gardens, tropical rainforests and magnificent temples, renowned for a wide range of activities from elephant riding, to scuba diving, from snorkeling to beach fun! Thailand is known to have a golden glow not only because the land is rich in the golden metal but also because of the glitter that the country spreads from its sandy beaches, fertile lands and warm hearted culture. Today the country is also speeding high with fabulous shopping malls, great nightlife and a fast paced city life

Thailand offers an unbeatable combination of Eastern exoticism and Western modernism that brings ten million people a year to the country's gorgeous beaches and magical countryside.
The Thai people are renowned for being friendly and hospitable, in spite of the massive influx of foreign visitors over the last few years. Billed as the "Land of Smiles", Thailand has an extraordinary diversity of flavours and sights to experience. A lot of people are pleasantly surprised at how modern the country is, with its up-to-date facilities. Nowhere is this more evident than in the vibrant capital Bangkok, where a burgeoning 21st century city is growing around centuries-old relics and icons.
Thailand is celebrated for its outstanding beaches from the secluded sands of Koh Chang near Cambodia, to the world-famous full-moon parties of Koh Phang-Nga and the luxury of Phuket's beach resorts. And of course there is the wonderfully rich and accessible culture to explore, from the temples of Bangkok to the hill tribes of Chiang Mai.
Thailand also remains an inexpensive destination with something to offer travellers of every budget - and the tourists that descend on the country are often every bit as varied and interesting as the colourful inhabitants.
Add to all this the delectable food and a perfect climate and you too will fall in love with this exciting and hospitable country.

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